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ICO Advisory Service

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is rapidly attracting attention as a new way to raise funds.

However, to implement safe and legally-compliant ICOs in today’s environment, there are hurdles and barriers, such as lack of legal guidelines and frameworks.

We, AnyPay Inc., offer a one-stop advisory service, including legal and accounting advice, PR/marketing and token development, to help companies to design, structure and execute their ICO projects successfully.

Our One-Stop Advisory Service
Strategic Advisory
  • - ICO scheme & tokenization structure
  • - Legal & accounting review
  • - Whitepaper
Marketing & PR
  • - Marketing & PR strategy planning
  • - Social media
  • - Community support
  • - Website design
Technology & Development
  • - Token development
  • - Smart contracts
Company & ICO Advisory Team

Advisory team is led by members with a wide-ranging experience of working at companies such as Google, BCG, Goldman Sachs, PwC, and Rakuten.

Shinji KimuraChairman/Founder
Shinji is renowned as a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful high ROI exits and IPO and a thought leader in technology and crypto. He has investments in over 30 companies, including Gunosy, gumi, Wantedly, Bitceller, AnyPerk and bitFlyer.
Sawako OhnoCEO
Sawako began her career at the Boston Consulting Group before moving to Google as an Industry Analyst. Before joining AnyPay, she worked as a Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo, focusing on cognitive behaviour research.
Ryo HyugaCMO
At Septeni Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese digital advertising agency, Ryo led the launch of its smartphone advertising business, which now holds the largest share in Japan. As a marketing pioneer, he has been involved with marketing of over 100 smartphone apps.
Tomo NakamuraCTO
Tomo started his career at Goldman Sachs and developed Settlement and Clearance systems for stocks and bonds. He, then, joined Playfish/Electronic Arts as one of the first engineers in Japan. He also co-founded a Japanese startup Wekids and served as CTO.
Sho SawadaChief Blockchain Engineer
Sho has worked on a wide-range of mobile application and infrastructure engineering projects. More recently, his focus has been on FinTech, developing blockchain applications and mobile payment systems.
Yutaro YamadaHead of Department
Yutaro worked at Dream Incubator Inc., a strategy consulting firm, where he worked directly with leading companies from various industries. He, then, joined an independent consulting firm as a Corporate Officer.
Yurie MinamiProject Lead
As a consultant at Dream Incubator Inc., Yurie consulted large enterprises from various industries on their mid- to long-term strategy and branding, as well as new business developments. She also has an experience of leading the company’s the recruitment initiatives.
Chihaya AkaikeProject Lead
Chihaya previously worked as a business strategist and data analyst at Rakuten Inc. He has implemented a department-wide KPI management system at Rakuten Travel. Chihaya has also worked on a major M&A project and led the launch of a new C2C e-commerce service in Taiwan.
Yusuke YamazakiProject Lead(Certified Accountant)
At PwC Japan, Yusuke became the youngest person to be assigned to the first overseas commercial bank acquisition in Southeast Asia by a leading Japanese financial institution and engaged in financial PMI consulting. He, later, moved to a consulting firm, where he advised companies on new business development and building management accounting processes
Mickey Milojko SpajicFund Manager
Mickey strongly believes in technologies and business models that enhance the interhuman trust, such as blockchain, shared economy and AI. Mickey was previously a part of the Pan-Asian distressed credit team at Goldman Sachs and fixed income desk at Citibank.
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Online Payment Platform
paymo biz

With paymo biz, merchants can seamlessly introduce credit card payment into their businesses. It can also be used to collect money via credit card on occasions where it was not necessarily possible, such as offline sport classes and parties

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Mobile Payment App

With paymo, users can easily split bills and pay their friends using a mobile app. Users no longer need to bring cash when you go out with your friends for dinner, lunch or casual drinks!


Shinji Kimura

Shinji Kimura

A graduate of Tokyo University. After working as a strategy consultant at Dream Incubator Inc. and serving as a director at Cirius Technologies, Shinji founded Atlantis Inc. Following the acquisition of Atlantis by Gree Inc., he served as CEO of Gunosy Inc. and led the company to their IPO in April 2015. Since leaving his position as CEO (as of today, he has returned as a director), he has worked as an angel investor and invested in various startups across the globe. In June 2016, Shinji founded AnyPay Inc.

He is renowned as a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful high ROI exits and IPO and a thought leader in technology and crypto. Investments in over 30 companies, including Gunosy, gumi, Wantedly, Bitceller, AnyPerk and bitFlyer, spanning across the USA, India, Thailand Malaysia and many more countries.

Shinji Kimura

Sawako Ohno

After graduating from University of Tokyo, Sawako began her career at Boston Consulting Group. She then joined Google Inc. as an Industry Analyst, advising companies on business managemenet and marketing and working as a part of its online marketing research team. After leaving Google, she worked as a Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo, focusing on cognitive behaviour research. In 2016, she joined AnyPay Inc. as COO and was appointed as CEO in 2018.

Shinji Kimura

Taka Inoue

Taka joined Rakuten Inc. after graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University. At Rakuten, he was in charge of Rakuten Ichiba's mobile website before being appointed as the Principal at CEO office, where he worked on new business development at a subsidiary company. In 2014, he led Rakuten's C2C e-commerce project, launching Rakuma, and a merger and acquisition of another C2C e-commerce app in 2016. Takafumi joined AnyPay Inc. in 2017. After serving as the Business Director for its Payment business, he was appointed as CEO in 2018.

Company information
Company name AnyPay Inc.
Chairman/Founder Shinji Kimura
  • Sawako Ohno
  • Taka Inoue
  • Ryo Hyuga
  • Tomohiro Nakamura
Established 27th JUN 2016
Capital JPY 90 million
Participated programs
Address 107-6208
Midtown tower 8F, 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan